Citywide Transportation Impact Fee

Creation of a Citywide Transportation Impact Fee (TIF) is a task assigned by City Council to Transportation Division staff under two of the "Top 5" Council Priorities: "City Finances" and "Alternative Transportation/Traffic Calming". On June 11 th and August 27th, 2003, the Commission discussed in study sessions draft "conceptual alternatives" for establishment of a citywide, multimodal transportation impact fee. The citywide transportation impact fee would supplement two existing ordinances that pertain only to the Stanford Research Park (1986) and the environs of San Antonio/West Bayshore (1989) and are also limited strictly to traditional intersection mitigations of traffic congestion. Staff is currently revising the proposal presented to a study session of the Commission on August 27 th, based on Commission comment and public testimony, outreach to the business community (mainly through the Palo Alto Chamber of Commerce), and results of independent legal review. Staff will return to Council with a detailed recommendation regarding a Citywide Transportation Impact Fee after completing these revisions.