College Terrace Residential Parking Permit Program

Program Overview

The College Terrace neighborhood has historically been affected by large amounts of non-neighborhood traffic and parking.  Residents continue to suffer from a longstanding and growing problem with daytime and night time parking of students and employees of the university and other nearby employers who regularly park on neighborhood streets to avoid the cost of parking permits or because of convenience. As a condition of approval for Stanford's 2000 General Use Permit, $100,000 was provided to the City to support a Residential Parking Permit Program in College Terrace neighborhood, that is revenue neutral to the City's general fund.

The Residential Parking Permit Program (RPPP) in College Terrace allows vehicles displaying a resident permit, guest permit, or day permit, to use on-street parking, Monday through Friday from 8am to 5pm. In addition, all vehicles not displaying a permit, may park up to two hours during these specified time periods. Vehicles not displaying a permit, during these specified time periods and exceeding the 2-hour maximum parking allowance are cited by the Police Department.

For general questions on this project, please contact the Transportation Division at (650) 329-2520 or Email: