College Terrace Traffic Calming Project

Project Overview

The College Terrace neighborhood is bounded by El Camino Real on the east, California Avenue on the South, Amherst on the west and Stanford Avenue on the north.

In November 2004, the Palo Alto City Council approved a traffic calming plan for the College Terrace neighborhood. The plan was developed by the Transportation Division in consultation with the residents, based on a study of speeds, volume and cut-through traffic on perimeter and interior streets.

Current Plan

    o Stanford Avenue: Four speed tables, located just west of the intersections with Wellesley Street,
       Oberlin Street, Dartmouth Street and Amherst Street - Approved in 2009
    o California Avenue: Two speed tables, located just west of Wellesley Street and just east of Oberlin
       Street - Approved in 2009
o Three pairs (6) small center median islands with stop signs on College at Columbia, Hanover and
    o Four speed humps to control speeds on College
    o Two traffic circles on Yale at College and Cambridge and the three curb extensions to approaches
    o One speed table on upper California Avenue, between Columbia and Dartmouth

During the trial period, effectiveness of the physical traffic calming measures, level of community acceptance as well as any potential impacts will be monitored. Performance measures related to safety, speed, and volumes will be used to evaluate the trial.

For general questions on this project, please contact the Transportation Division at (650) 329-2520 or Email: