Stanford Medical Center

Stanford University Medical Center Site
The Stanford Medical Center comprises the general area between Sand Hill Road, Vineyard Lane, Quarry Road, Pasteur Drive, and including Welch Road and Blake Wilbur Drive. The area is Zoned Medical Office and Medical Research (MOR) and Public Facilities (PF). Stanford University is proposing the demolition of the existing Main Stanford Hospital at 300 Pasteur Drive and construction of a new hospital building, renovating and expanding the Lucile Packard Children’s Hospital and reconstruction of the medical school facilities. The reconstruction of the Hospital is to be in compliance with SB 1953 to meet seismic safety standards. The renovation and expansion project, which would be constructed over a 20-year time line, would result in a net increase of approximately 1.3 million square feet of floor area, including 200,000 square feet of new medical office space at the Hoover Pavilion. The project would also include the demolition and reconstruction of the existing School of Medicine buildings, parking facilities and two buildings now housing medical office space for clinics and community health practitioners. Some of the land for this part of the project is located outside of the City of Palo Alto and may be considered for annexation into the City limits. Contact Information Steven Turner, City of Palo Alto - 650-329-2155