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3700 Middlefield Rd.
Palo Alto, CA 94303

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The New Mitchell Park Library & Community Center is now open!

Construction is completed for a new 56,000 square foot joint facility that replaced the two former facilities that were torn down in October 2010.

Exterior Mitchell Park Library & Community Center

The Mitchell Park Library opened in 1958 following a voter approved bond measure that also funded the construction of the Main Library. The library was 9,478 square feet. Located in a neighborhood with several schools, it is used heavily by students after school. An independent consultant determined that to meet the needs of the service area, the Mitchell Park Library should be three times larger and have a collection twice the size.

The Mitchell Park Community Center, built in 1967, was 10,400 square feet. It provided daily adult exercise classes, art classes for all ages, an after school teen center, and a center for youth leadership groups.

Several options were evaluated for improving these facilities. The City Council determined that the best solution is to replace both facilities with a new joint Mitchell Park library and community center built on the parking lot on south side of the current community center. Parking for the new joint facility will be where the library and adjacent parking are now located. The library will be approximately 41,000 square feet housed in two-stories adjacent to Middlefield Road. The 15,000 square foot single story community center, on the park side of the site, will surround a courtyard to preserve a heritage coast live oak tree.

Features of the proposed design for the new Mitchell Park Library & Community Center:

  • Explore the green features of the new Palo Alto City Library and Community Center
  • Multi-purpose event room, with kitchen, suitable for rental
  • Varied and flexible library spaces - large children’s room, separate teen room, computer training room, 100 person program room, and quiet reading areas
  • Shelving for collection expansion, including books in international languages
  • Flexible classrooms, game room, and half court basketball area in community center
  • Environmentally friendly facility, built to LEED Gold, or higher, standard
  • Improved site plan with single entrance directly across from Mayview Avenue and safe corridors for children coming from the park and nearby schools
  • Small café serving snacks and beverages for users of facility and the park
  • Sufficient ground level parking for cars and bicycles
  • No impact on tennis courts or dedicated park land

Approved Design for Mitchell Park Library and Community Center:

Library Details:

Community Center Details:

Images below from architectural plans - click for full size.

View from Middlefield Rd. Exterior Entrance
Community Center Multipurpose Room Community Center Courtyard
Aerial View - Library & Community Center Detail 1st floor Library
Detail 2nd floor Library Detail Community Center