About the Library Projects

In November 2008, 69.4% of Palo Alto voters passed a $76 million bond measure (Measure N) to fund major facility improvements to three libraries and the Mitchell Park Community Center. The City has also allocated $4 million in infrastructure funds to complete an extensive historic renovation of the College Terrace Library and childcare center.

The City of Palo Alto is moving forward on the three important and exciting library and community center projects that will be funded by Measure N. These projects will take five years to complete. The construction projects will be managed by Public Works, communication will be provided by the City Manager’s Office, bond issuance will be handled by Administrative Services, and the Library and Parks and Recreation divisions of Community Services will coordinate temporary closures as well as services at the new facilities. At the conclusion of this process, we will have modern libraries offering places for everyone in our community to gather and learn.

Library/Community Center Bond Information

Project Information

Schematic Cost Plans prepared by Davis Langdon cost estimators, May 5, 2008