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San Francisquito Creek Bank Stabilization Master Plan

The member agencies of the San Francisquito Creek Joint Powers Authority (JPA) funded a Bank Stabilization and Revegetation Master Plan covering a 6.5-mile stretch of San Francisquito Creek between Highway 101 and Junipero Serra Blvd. The Master Plan, completed in September 2000, documents existing conditions, including creek bank stability and vegetation varieties, and recommends bank restoration and revegetation techniques for specific sections of the creek. The JPA is now coordinating a project to study the feasibility of obtaining a Regional General Permit from the state and federal regulatory agencies based on the Master Plan. Creation of a Regional General Permit would expedite the permitting process for applicants and ensure consistency on future bank stabilization and revegetation projects.

This report is intended to assist agencies and landowners' consultants in the planning, conceptual design and permitting of San Francisquito Creek bank stabilization and revegetation projects. Any landowner within the study reach who is planning modifications within fifty feet of the top of bank should first consult the recommendations in this report.

The report consists of three documents. The Master Plan Report details the recommended bank stabilization and revegetation measures for a given creek location within the study reach. The Master Plan maps illustrate zones for which a treatment or menu of treatments is recommended.

The Existing Conditions Report contains extensive site data on which the recommendations were based. It's companion piece, the Technical Appendices, includes the raw maps and data to support the findings.