Citizen Advisory Committee Application

Invitation to Apply to Serve on the City of Palo Alto Citizen Advisory Committee on Planning for Fiber-to-the-Premises (FTTP) and Wireless Infrastructure

Deadline to apply is June 30, 2016 at 5:00pm

Residents of the City of Palo Alto are invited by the City Manager to apply to be a member of the Fiber and Wireless Citizen Advisory Committee.  Preferred candidates should have knowledge of the telecommunications industry, fiber-optic and wireless technologies and have an interest in evaluating opportunities to ensure that all residents, public institutions and businesses in Palo Alto have access to gigabit-speed Internet service.  Applicants selected will be asked to serve on the committee for up to 24 months.


In 2013, the City Council formed its Technology and the Connected City Committee for the purpose of exploring the feasibility of extending the City's existing 49-mile dark fiber ring to residential neighborhoods, in addition to evaluating wireless technologies for the City.

While the Council's Technology and the Connected City Committee has been discontinued, the Citizen Advisory Committee continues to evaluate business models for fiber and wireless opportunities in Palo Alto, in addition to Google Fiber's interest in building a fiber-optic network in Palo Alto and four other cities in Silicon Valley (Mountain View, San Jose, Santa Clara and Sunnyvale)

Citizen Advisory Committee Responsibilities

The purpose of the Citizen Advisory Committee is to provide objective and judicious advice, from a citizen perspective, to the City Manager. The Citizen Advisory Committee will be structured in a way for individual citizens to share opinions and perspectives, study issues, and develop recommendations in a focused, small group structure.

The types of activities for the Citizen Advisory Committee include, but are not limited to, the following:

  • Participation in various meetings, public workshops and other related assignments for up to a 24 month period. The City estimates committee meetings will occur every two months during this period and will typically be scheduled early in the evening.  Committee members will be asked to spend approximately six (6) hours per month evaluating various reports, analyses and other materials related to telecommunications issues, fiber and wireless technologies and municipal broadband models, including public-private partnerships.  The committee will also evaluate legal and regulatory matters that affect telecommunication networks, including government-owned and operated networks.
  • Work with the City Council, City Manager, staff and consultants to ensure that the application of the findings and recommendations in the now completed Fiber-to-the-Premises Master Plan and Wireless Network Plan are open and fair.
  • Provide a liaison role between the City and the community, including community groups, on issues related to the fiber system and wireless applications.
  • Work with the City to develop communication plans to advise the community about work in progress and other issues.
  • Work with the City and other stakeholders to review and comment on the recommendations from broadband-related entities and other initiatives throughout the country to improve access to broadband.
  • Provide timely and detailed responses to City Manager and staff requests.


In anticipation of broad interest in this committee, candidates will be selected based on ensuring that it is representative of a diversity of community members that includes neighborhood, technical, and business perspectives. The City Manager will select and appoint a small number of candidates based on a combination of the following qualifications:

  • Knowledge of the telecommunications industry and applicable technologies;
  • Familiarity with municipal broadband initiatives in Palo Alto and other communities;
  • General understanding of the various business models for deploying fiber and wireless networks;
  • An interest in the public policy issues affecting government owned and operated broadband networks; and
  • Ability to represent Palo Alto neighborhoods and/or business perspectives.
FTTP Citizen Advisory Committee
Application to serve on the Palo Alto Citizen Advisory Committee on Planning for Fiber-to-the-Premise (FTTP) and a Wireless Infrastructure

Thank you for your interest.