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PRESS RELEASE 04/11/2013
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City Launches New Neighborhood Grant Program
Contact : Sheila Tucker, Assistant to the City Manager    650-329-2452
Palo Alto, CA – Today, the City of Palo Alto launches a new "Know your Neighbors" grant pilot program. The program will assist resident groups engaging in activities that build a sense of community, develop or renew neighborhood relationships, encourage interaction between generations and cultures, or develop collaborative partnerships between Palo Alto neighborhoods and the City. The City Council has allocated $25,000 for the 2013 pilot program. The maximum grant amount is $1,000 and grants will be awarded on a "first come, first serve" basis until the allocated funding is depleted.

The City Council adopted the grant program in September 2012. Then-Mayor Yiaway Yeh and current Mayor Greg Scharff proposed the program under the auspices that the demographic make-up of the Palo Alto community is changing and neighborhoods are well-positioned to bring residents together to experience their community, to support each other's day-to-day activities, and to help protect one another. “As a community, the relationships neighbors have are always in need of renewal and are built through proactive efforts,” said former Mayor Yeh and Vice Mayor Scharff.

The 2010 Census data indicates that Palo Alto has experienced significant demographic shifts in its population over the last 20 years. With 17 percent of Palo Altans now over 65 years old and nearly 30 percent of Palo Altans now identifying themselves as Asian or Asian-American, neighborhoods are well-positioned to bring people together and enhance the quality of life for everyone in Palo Alto.

“Palo Alto has a long tradition of strong and connected neighborhoods,” said City Manager James Keene. “As our community demographics change, this grant program is one way the City can invest in enhancing established neighborhood relationships and facilitating new connections between long-time residents and new neighbors moving in from a different city or country.”

Neighbors may apply for a grants for activities such as block parties and picnics, event kick-off celebrations, ice cream socials, neighborhood crime prevention and safety activities, or other functions and gatherings involving the building of connections between neighbors.

For more information about the pilot grant program and how to apply for a grant, visit