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PRESS RELEASE 03/15/2013
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City Council to Consider Investing Additional $2.2 Million in Street and Sidewalk Repairs at its March 18 Meeting
Contact : Brad Eggleston, Assistant Director of Public Works    650-329-2636
Palo Alto, CA – At its weekly meeting on Monday, March 18, the Palo Alto City Council will consider allocating $2.2 million to accelerate street maintenance and sidewalk repair projects this year. If Council approves this funding request, staff will continue working on the project scope for street repairs, as well as engaging the community to identify priority sidewalk "hot spot" locations to include in the repairs.

The condition of local streets and sidewalks are of particular concern to the community. As a result in FY 2011, the City Council increased the annual Street Maintenance Program budget from $1.9 million to $3.7 million to facilitate achieving a citywide average Pavement Condition Index (PCI) score of 85, representing excellent pavement condition, by 2021. To date, the City has made significant progress toward this goal by increasing the PCI from 72 in 2009 to an expected 77 in 2012. If approved, the additional $2.2 million to the Street Maintenance Program budget will bring the FY 2013 funding level to over $4.7 million, and further accelerate the City's progress toward the 2021 PCI goal.

“I hear more about street and sidewalk repair needs than any other issue,” stated City Manager James Keene. “It makes sense to be responsive to citizen feedback and build on the recommendations of the IBRC by advancing our efforts here.”

In response to recommendations made by the Infrastructure Blue Ribbon Commission (IBRC), Council transferred these funds to the Infrastructure Reserve in the current FY 2013 budget, but without designation to specific projects. If approved, the funding would be used to make additional progress towards improving street conditions, repairing sidewalks, and planting and maintaining trees. More specifically, funding would be allocated to the following areas:
  • $1,053,000 for additional street maintenance
  • $1,000,000 for additional sidewalk repairs
  • $70,000 for the purchase of asphalt materials
  • $77,000 for tree pruning and planting
As soon as the additional money becomes available, the City’s next steps will include the following:
  1. Project scoping work:  Scoping for the street repairs and for sidewalk repairs around schools is well under way, and will be completed upon approval of the funding. Additionally, the City will ask citizens to help identify sidewalk “hot spots” for repair.
  2. Sidewalk and street repairs: It is expected that the bid packages for this work will be completed in May 2013, with work to begin in June or July 2013. Repairs needed near schools will be identified and scheduled for completion during the summer prior to the beginning of the school year to minimize disruptions.
  3. Tree work: The recommended additional tree pruning and planting work will be completed in the next few months.

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