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City of Palo Alto's Public Works and Public Safety Prepare for Winter Storms
Contact : Ken Dueker, Director, Office of Emergency Services    650-617-3197
Palo Alto, CA -- On Saturday, November 3, City of Palo Alto staff and Emergency Services Volunteers prepared pallets of sand bags to prepare for this year's winter storm season. As the East Coast recovers from Superstorm Sandy, this activity helps prepare our area for the possibility of flooding.  

These sand bags are made available to the public at our Mitchell Park sand bag station as the weather severity increases, so residents can protect their properties, as needed. Loose sand and bags will continually be made available through out the rainy season.
"We want everyone to know that they have personal responsibility to prepare for winter storm season," says Nathan Rainey, a Palo Alto resident and recently-retired Lieutenant Colonel in the U.S. Army, who has joined the City as an Emergency Services Coordinator. 

Those with properties in flood-prone areas are also advised to have their own supply of plastic sheeting, plywood, and tools ready for waterproofing of doors and openings and to make sure they have a family emergency plan. 

  • To learn more about sand bag distribution locations and to see more information about winter storm preparedness, please go to:
  • To learn how to become an Emergency Services Volunteer, please see:
  • For information on the San Francisquito Creek Joint Powers Authority, see:


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