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PRESS RELEASE 05/07/2012
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City Auditor’s Office Earns National Recognition
Contact : Jim Pelletier, City Auditor    650-329-2667
Palo Alto, CA -- The City of Palo Alto's Office of the City Auditor has been awarded a 2011 Honorable Mention Knighton Award for best performance audit in the Small Audit Shop category by the Association of Local Government Auditors (ALGA).

The audit report, SAP Security Audit, was judged on several key elements such as the potential for significant impact, the persuasiveness of the conclusions, the focus on improving government efficiency and effectiveness, as well as for its clarity, conciseness and innovation.

"This audit is another example of how an independent, objective City Auditor adds value to our City," said Mayor Yiaway Yeh. “As a result of this report and others like it, the City is making important improvements across the organization.”

The audit featured the results of a blind security test of the SAP Enterprise Resource Planning System and found that a well-known super user account was accessible using the default password. In addition, the report included findings related to the adequacy of security policies, procedures, and processes, including the response to the blind security test. In the audit, there were 21 recommendations made, of which 13 have been completed, 1 is in process and the remaining 7 will require further evaluation.

Judges felt the audit approach was innovative and that the report had significant potential for impact. Additionally, the judges noted that the report contained useful information and a glossary to define technical terms that could be helpful to other organizations.

“The audit team provided important insights into significant security vulnerabilities in the City’s SAP Enterprise Resource Planning system, and the City is working hard to implement the report’s recommendations,” said City Auditor Jim Pelletier.

Each year, local government audit organizations from around the U.S. and Canada submit their best performance audit reports for judging. The purpose of the competition is to improve government services by encouraging and increasing levels of excellence among public agency auditors. Judges from peer organizations determined that Palo Alto’s audit was among the best of 2011. 

The Association of Local Government Auditors (ALGA) is a national audit association, founded in 1989. It has more than 300 organizational members and over 2,000 individual members that represent a wide diversity of local government audit organizations ranging from one-person audit shops to others with more than 75 professionals.