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Dedication Event for Bliss in the Moment Along Bay Trail
Contact : Elise DeMarzo    650-329-2519
Palo Alto, CA –  The Palo Alto Public Art Commission (PAPAC) is pleased to announce the dedication event for a memorial sculpture to cycling advocate Bill Bliss along the Bay Trail off of East Bayshore Road (between Embarcadero and San Antonio Roads) on  Friday, April 22nd at 10:30 AM. The public is invited to ride to the dedication and line bikes up along the Bay Trail for the event. Mayor Sid Espinosa will be riding his bike to the event.  Representatives from the San Francisco Bay Trail, the Bliss family, the Palo Alto Public Art Commission and artist James Moore will be in attendance.  Please bring your reusable water bottle in honor of Earth Day.

The independently funded sculpture is an abstracted bicycle and rider pausing to take in the beautiful view of the Baylands. Artist James Moore was commissioned for the project.  The Public Art Commission was approached in 2008 by the Bliss family and representatives of San Francisco Bay Trail to take on the memorial.  Mr. Bliss was a pioneer of the vision for the 500 mile Bay Trail, served on the board of the Bay Trail for fifteen years, was instrumental in the initiation of many bike safety measures, and commuted by bike all over the country.  The site along E. Bayshore Road is a section of the Bay Trail that extends 26 continuous miles from East Palo Alto to San Jose, and is frequented by commuters and recreational riders and pedestrians.  Of the 500 miles of the Bay Trail planned to encircle the San Francisco and San Pablo Bays, 310 are completed thus far.  Mr. Bliss is quoted as saying, "It is not how fast you ride.  All that matters is that you are riding in the right direction."

James Moore states, “I decided to sculpt a cyclist with one foot planted firmly on the ground while gazing at the sunrise to convey hope for the future combined with dedicated action in the present.  I believe Mr. Bliss personified this wholeheartedly during his life.”

While the memorial itself is personal, the abstracted cyclist allows a broad audience of visitors and passers-by to relate to the figure.  The sculpture may be a gentle reminder to take in the view, and enjoy a moment of bliss.