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PRESS RELEASE 04/04/2011
Subject :

City’s Internet Connection Not at Risk
ISC Rescinds its Service Disconnect Notice on April 4
Contact : James Keene, City Manager    650-329-2563

Palo Alto, CA – According to news received today by City Manager James Keene, Palo Alto has been assured by Internet Systems Consortium (ISC) that the City will continue to receive Internet connectivity from ISC until either a formal agreement is developed or the City opts to transition to a new Internet provider. ISC and the City have agreed to meet soon and determine an appropriate way to move forward.

“We are very appreciative that ISC will ensure our continuity of Internet service,” said Keene. “I think that once ISC understood the gravity of the situation for the City, they were immediately willing to work with us to resolve the situation.”

As part of an unofficial arrangement, ISC has been providing Internet access to the City of Palo Alto along with the schools and Media Center for nearly 17 years. ISC is currently working on a proposal detailing the Internet connectivity and transit services that ISC now provides directly to the City and the terms under which it can continue to provide these services.

Depending on the details of the ISC proposal, the City will evaluate whether to retain service from ISC or obtain a dedicated Internet provider. Regardless of the outcome of upcoming discussion between the City and ISC, ISC has agreed to provide limited technical assistance and provide the City with a reasonable amount of time should it desire to transition to a new provider.

The City appreciates ISC’s commitment to ensure that the City’s connection continues to function properly until the service provider issue is resolved.