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Lynda Brouchoud, Palo Alto City Auditor, Resigns
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Lynda Brouchoud, Palo Alto City Auditor, Resigns


Palo Alto, CA –Lynda Flores Brouchoud, City of Palo Alto Auditor, has announced her resignation from the City, effective April 17, 2011.   The City Auditor is one of four Council-appointed officers; Brouchoud has held the City Auditor position since September 2008. 

Brouchoud, who has three young children including a newborn son, has elected to leave the City to care for her young family.   

During her tenure as City Auditor, Brouchoud and her team produced numerous audit reports and implemented projects resulting  in significant financial savings and government transparency to City residents.   “While this was a difficult personal decision, I am pleased to leave the City on a high note, with a solid record of valuable contributions and a team of highly dedicated and qualified staff,” Brouchoud said. “It has been an honor to serve the City of Palo Alto and its residents,” she continued. 

Palo Alto Mayor Sid Espinosa commented, "The City of Palo Alto is very grateful to Lynda and her department for their excellent and diligent work.  During her tenure, Lynda has helped us become more effective and efficient, and has provided recommendations that will help Palo Alto operate better for decades to come.  We will miss her, but we applaud her commitment to her family and we wish her the best."  

Recruitment for Brouchoud’s replacement will begin prior to her departure to allow adequate time to hire a successor and facilitate a smooth transition.  Mike Edmonds, whom the Council appointed as Acting City Auditor during Brouchoud’s recent maternity leave, will continue to serve as in that capacity until a successor is identified.