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PRESS RELEASE 11/29/2010
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Palo Alto Landfill Will Accept Commercial Waste Again
Contact : Ron Arp, Manager, Environmental Control Programs    650/496-5930
Palo Alto, CA – At the November 22, 2010, City Council meeting, Council approved the "fast fill" option for the landfill, which includes, among other actions, lifting the existing ban on commercial garbage disposal. As of December 1, 2010, commercial garbage generated within Palo Alto will again be accepted at the landfill. Commercial garbage is any waste that cannot be recycled or composted through the City's recyclables, food waste, and construction and demolition (C&D) programs. See our website, for a list of recyclable materials, and contacts for more information.

The fast fill option also temporarily diverts Palo Alto's curbside collected garbage to the Palo Alto Landfill instead of the Sunnyvale Materials Recovery and Transfer (SMaRT) Station. The primary purpose of the fast fill option is to rapidly eliminate the ongoing and significant cost burden of landfill operations on refuse rates. Fast filling the landfill is expected to deplete remaining landfill capacity by the end of 2011 and save over $300,000 dollars this fiscal year. An additional benefit is that the landfill can be converted to public park/open space sooner.

Commercial Garbage Disposal Fees (Effective December 1, 2010)

Classification of Vehicle




All Vehicles


Load less than 0.5 cubic yard

$20 (minimum charge)

Load 1 cubic yard


Load 1 cubic yard or more

$30 each cubic yard plus $15 for fractions greater than 0.5 cubic yard



Special Handling/Burial Fee

$20 plus disposal fee

For a complete list of landfill fees please visit 

For more information about this "Fast Fill decision", visit