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PRESS RELEASE 06/15/2010
Subject :

City Hosts Informational Meeting about Cubberley Campus on June 16
Palo Alto, PAUSD and Foothill/DeAnza Community College Board to Discuss Opportunities and Constraints
Contact : James Keene, City Manager    650-329-2563

Palo Alto, CA -- The Palo Alto City Council invited the Palo Alto School Board and the Trustees of the Foothill/DeAnza Community College Board to discuss the Cubberley Campus in a joint meeting in City Council Chambers at 6 p.m., on June 16, 2010. This meeting is intended to be a three-way conversation to better understand the opportunities and constraints facing all of the entities.

The Council set the meeting following a request from Foothill Community College asking whether the City would consider a possible sale of its eight acre ownership within the Cubberley Community Center (the City leases an additional 27 acres at Cubberley from the Palo Alto Unified School District). Before any consideration of that request, the Council wanted a public meeting of the City, School District, and Community College to hear more about the Community College’s needs and objectives. 

City Manager James Keene said, “As we worked with our Mayor and Vice-Mayor leadership from the School District and Foothill College in scheduling the meeting, it was clear that all parties saw the meeting as an opportunity to discuss the future of educational needs in Palo Alto, as well as the importance of Cubberley as a community resource. This meeting is really about the future.”

The meeting is not an action meeting of the City Council but more like a study session. “We have received a lot of correspondence from tenants and users at Cubberley about potential loss of space for community groups, artists and classes,” Keene said.  “That concern is really premature at this point,” he said. “No changes in the status quo programming at Cubberley would take place without significant public outreach and participation.  The Council has not even decided that a change in the status quo is warranted, and that decision would not be made tomorrow night, if ever.  At this point, we simply want to have a conversation among the three parties.”