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PRESS RELEASE 12/18/2008
Subject :

The New Year Means Changes at the Palo Alto Recycling Center
Contact : Wendy Hediger, Zero Waste Coordinator    650-496-5912
Palo Alto, CA – Beginning January 12, 2009, the Palo Alto Recycling Center, located at the east end of Embarcadero Road before the entrance to the landfill, will be smaller in size. The Palo Alto landfill is nearing its closure date and the southern portion of the current recycling center will be closed and used by the landfill to finalize its filling operations.   

What does this recycling center change mean to you?

  1. Less sorting of material as paper, cans foil, glass and plastic will now be consolidated into single stream bins.
  2. Cathode ray tubes will be accepted by Goodwill Industries during its trailer operating hours.  They will no longer be accepted at the landfill tollbooth.
  3. Three material types will no longer be accepted due to a combination of space constraints and costs, including:
    1. Polystyrene foam blocks – There are no local reuse or recycling options for polystyrene foam blocks;
    2. Polystyrene peanuts –Take to packaging stores for reuse;
    3. Milk and juice cartons – There are no local reuse or recycling options currently available for milk and juice cartons.
Please consider eliminating, or at least limiting, your use of items that are no longer accepted. Zero Waste means changing our consumer model, not just by accepting more items for recycling, but also by creating change in how products are made. Staff currently is working with agencies statewide and the California Product Stewardship Council to make manufacturers accountable for their packaging and waste.