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PRESS RELEASE 10/27/2008
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'Green' power efforts earn nation’s top honor for City of Palo Alto Utilities
Contact : Joyce Kinnear, Manager, Utility Marketing Services, City of Palo Alto Utilities    650-329-2652
Mariel Sala, U.S. Dept. of Energy's Golden Field Office    303-275-4770
Palo Alto, CA – The U.S. Department of Energy (DOE) today announced four utilities, including the City of Palo Alto, was recognized today during the Green Power Leadership Awards for its commitment to programs that allow consumers to purchase clean and green energy options, while also integrating sustainable energy strategies that make good business sense.

As part of the National Renewable Marketing Conference in Denver this week, DOE along with the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) and the Center for Resource Solutions (CRS) are honoring 25 leading corporations, renewable energy suppliers and industry pioneers for helping advance the nation’s green power markets.

The goal of green power programs is to provide market-based options for consumers to purchase power from environmentally preferred sources. 

Along with the City of Palo Alto, other DOE 2008 Green Power Supplier Award winners are: AmerenUE (St. Louis, Mo.); 3Degrees (San Francisco, Calif.) and Sterling Planet (Norcross, Ga.). 

"DOE selected these organizations for their leadership in helping our nation grow its market for clean energy alternatives for businesses and consumers," said Steve Chalk, DOE deputy assistant secretary for energy efficiency and renewable energy.  “Consumer purchases of renewable energy help diversify our energy supplies, strengthen our national security, and reduce global environmental impacts. Currently, more than 850 utilities, or about 25 percent nationally, offer green power programs to customers, and through the combination of utility green pricing and competitive retail markets, green power is available in almost every state.”

Small Residential/Commercial Green Power Program or Supplier of the Year: (City of Palo Alto Utilities). This award recognizes renewable energy programs or suppliers who play a prominent role in supplying renewable energy to residential and other small customers in voluntary green power markets.  Small customers are defined as annual electricity usage of less than one million kwh.

The City of Palo Alto Utilities draws renewable energy from 100 percent new, local and regional wind and solar projects that have come online since 2005.  Since launching its program five years ago, annual sales have consistently increased and are expected to reach 59 million kwh in 2008. with a customer participation rate of 20.4 percent, the highest rate in the nation.

DOE’s overarching mission is enhancing national security.  The priorities of the department’s energy programs are to increase domestic energy production, revolutionize our approach to energy conservation and efficiency, and promote the development of renewable and energy efficiency technologies.  

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