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Robbers Strike at Caltrain Depot
Contact : Agent Dan Ryan, Palo Alto Police Department    408-406-1330
Anymous Tip line, Palo Alto Police Department    650-329-2190
Palo Alto, CA - Palo Alto police responded to the late report of a robbery today that occurred at the University Avenue Caltrain station, at approximately 11:40 a.m..  

The 58 year-old male victim was walking through an underground pedestrian tunnel when he was attacked from behind by two men, who wielded an aluminum baseball bat. The victim was struck in the upper arm with the bat, and was knocked to the ground. The two assailants then grabbed his cash and fled the area on foot. They were last seen running east bound on University Avenue. The victim suffered a fractured shoulder and he sought treatment at Stanford Hospital before reporting the incident to police. 

The robbers are described as to black male adults, with unknown ages. One wore a blue shirt over beige pants; he carried the bat and had short black hair. The second subject wore a dark shirt and brown or black pants. 

Pedestrians are encouraged to walk in pairs or groups, and to keep aware of their surroundings. They should avoid talking on cell phones or listening to headphones while walking. Anyone who sees suspicious activity should immediately call 9-1-1, from their cell phones or from a land line. Anyone with information about this robbery can call our anonymous tip line at 650-329-2190.

Police are increasing their patrols in the area, in response to this series of robberies.