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PRESS RELEASE 07/21/2008
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Settlement Reached in Dispute between City of Palo Alto and Children’s Theatre Director
Contact : Frank Benest, Palo Alto City Manager    650-329-2563
Jon R. Parsons, Jon R. Parsons Law Firm    650-321-8579
Palo Alto, CA – At the direction of City Manager Frank Benest, the City of Palo Alto has negotiated a final settlement with Pat Briggs to resolve the outstanding employment issues involving Ms. Briggs, Director of the Children’s Theatre. The settlement was reached on July 21, 2008.

"This has been an extremely difficult time for our community, the Theatre, the City and Ms. Briggs. Now that we’ve reached a mutually acceptable agreement, we can begin the healing process," said Benest. "I have confidence that everyone can put aside their differences and work towards ensuring the continued success of our beloved institution, the Children’s Theatre."

The City, in recognition of Ms. Briggs’ long history and service to the City, has agreed to rescind her termination, and to suspend Ms. Briggs for 30 days without pay beginning June 30, 2008. Ms. Briggs, in exchange, has agreed to not appeal the administrative decision, and to waive any rights she may have against the City arising out of the criminal and administrative investigations. Ms. Briggs has further agreed to retire in good standing, effective August 1, 2008. She will return and work for the City on a contractual basis as Advising Artistic Director to help transition the Children’s Theatre into new management. Her contract will end January 2009.

"Following the loss of Michael Litfin and the strain and disruption of the last seven months, I think the interests of the Children’s Theatre are best served by my retirement and assistance with the transition to a new Director. I am grateful for the support of the City, my staff, and the community for so many years, and look forward to helping ensure the Children’s Theatre remains a treasure for future generations."