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PRESS RELEASE 05/07/2008
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City of Palo Alto Announces Annual Community Star Award Recipients
Contact : Erin Perez, Administrative Assistant, Community Services Department    650-463-4952
Palo Alto, CA -- The Community Services Department of the City of Palo Alto takes pleasure in announcing the recipients of the 2008 Community Star Awards. The award is given to individuals and organizations which helped further the goals of the department's four divisions: Arts and Sciences; Human Services and Cubberley Community Center; Open Space and Parks; and, Recreation and Golf.  Community Star Award recipients will be honored by Community Services Director Richard James and CSD staff at a breakfast at the Palo Alto Golf Course Restaurant on Wednesday, May 7, 2008. Following is this year's recipients.

Christine Martin:  The Open Space and Parks Division is proud to present the 2008 Community Star Award to long-time Palo Alto resident Christine Martin. Christine and her husband have been frequent visitors to the Baylands for many years. Christine used to sail at the preserve, and her son was a member of the Sea Scouts.

Christine rides her bike four or five times a week at the Baylands, and over time became concerned with the large amount of trash scattered around the park. Many visitors to the Baylands report trash or other problems in the park, but Christine took it upon herself to pick up the trash. She saw a problem and decided to do something about it.  She began picking up trash on her rides and eventually purchased a basket for her bike so she could remove more of it. She now separates out the recyclable items as well. She is a valuable part of our team and helps keep the park looking its best. Christine is an excellent example of how one person can make a profound difference.
IDEO:  The Arts and Sciences Division is proud to recognize IDEO with this year’s Community Star Award.  Based in Palo Alto, IDEO is an innovative global design consultancy known for its human-centered approach. IDEO staff members have given generously of their valuable time and expertise to the Palo Alto Art Center, as well as many other City of Palo Alto programs.

Through the amazing support of staff members at IDEO, the Art Center was able to organize and present IDEO Prototypes the Future, the first exhibition of a comprehensive collection of contemporary, forward-thinking concepts and prototypes created by IDEO, which became one of the Art Center’s most attended exhibitions. In addition, IDEO’s John Stoddard and Scott Underwood met with Art Center staff and volunteers over an 11-month period to create a new message and printed materials for the Art Center Foundation’s "Where Art Transforms" Capital Campaign.

Jack Hoover: The Recreation and Golf Division takes great honor in bestowing the 2008 Community Star Award on Jack Hoover for his volunteerism, support and passion of the annual Palo Alto Senior Softball Tournament. In 1988, Jack Hoover approached the City’s Recreation Division after participating in his first senior softball tournament in a neighboring city, and asked how to get a tournament started in Palo Alto. With his commitment to make it happen, and through the support of the City’s Recreation staff, the Palo Alto Senior Softball Tournament was created, and now is about to celebrate its 20th anniversary starting June 7. Jack Hoover continues to coordinate the tournament with City support and he remains the inspiration and enthusiasm behind its success. He helped found the Northern California Senior Softball Association in 1989, through which he has contributed significantly by increasing participation in the region. We thank Jack for his many hours of volunteerism and coordination of the tournament that has motivated thousands of seniors to be active, to compete and, most of all, to play. 

Sheila Mandoli:  The Human Services and Cubberley Community Center Division is proud to recognize Sheila Mandoli as its Community Star Award recipient because of her unfaltering dedication to child care.  Sheila and her husband Harry moved to Palo Alto 57 years ago where Harry worked as a researcher at a local company. As a stay at home mom, Sheila became involved in her community. She was an active member of the Barron Park Neighborhood Association and the Parents Nursery School Co-Op. As her children grew, she taught at the Friends Nursery School and was Director of the Sunnyvale Parent Co-op for three years. She then applied to Palo Alto Community Child Care (PACCC) and became its first director.

Sheila describes herself as the grandmother to all the PACCC children. She retired from PACCC in 1988 and became Director of Sojourner Truth Child Development Center. She then returned to PACCC as its Volunteer Coordinator and has been in that position for the past 29 years. 

Sheila pioneered Palo Alto Intergenerational Week to promote relationships between children, youth and seniors in the community. From the time she was two years old, Sheila’s maternal grandparents lived with her family. Today, Sheila lives with her daughter and her three grandchildren.  She believes that the cross generational experience enriches children and enhances their learning and development. Sheila Mandoli has enriched our community with her work and contributions to our children.