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Wandering Two Year-Old Returned Home Safe
Contact : Agent Dan Ryan, Palo Alto Police Department    408-406-1330
Palo Alto, CA - Palo Alto police responded to Heritage Park at 9:40 a.m., this morning, on the report of a "found" child. The two year old girl had been located at the park where she was playing unattended. A quick search of the area proved fruitless in locating any parent so all available personnel were sent to the area for a neighborhood check.

At approximately 10:55 a.m., the parent of the child was located at their nearby residence. Apparently, the child’s mother gone to church and left her two year old asleep at home. The child’s father was also asleep at home after working a night shift. The tot woke up, left the father’s bedroom unnoticed and managed to open the exterior door to the residence.

The child usually goes to the park each morning to play, and she did the same thing this morning, only without her parent. Neighbors recognized the girl and directed police to her residence, where her sleeping father was stunned by the news. The child was returned home unharmed.