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PRESS RELEASE 04/14/2008
Subject :

Reverse American Idol: The Library’s Search for the WORST Singer
Contact : Melinda Wing, Supervising Librarian    650-463-4961

Palo Alto, CA – Can’t carry a tune? Think you are Mariah Carey but your friends and family think you are Mariah scary? Well the Children’s Library wants you to sing your heart out because we are in search of the worst singer in the Library.

The Library is looking for overenthusiastic, tone-deaf, or just silly children ages 5-11. "This exciting program gives TV-addicted kids the chance to rediscover the Library in a whole new way. Why can’t the Library piggyback on top-rated TV program?" asks Cheryl Lee, librarian for Children’s Library. Judges will be here to hand out prizes for the worst singers.

While enjoying the program you can explore our beautiful building, and learn about the other programs and services we provide.

  • Date: Wednesday, April 23, 2008
  • Time: 3:30-5 p.m.
  • Location: Children's Library, 1276 Harriet Street
  • Ages: Children ages 5-11 ONLY

For more information, see the Library web site at or contact the Children’s Library at 650-329-2436.