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PRESS RELEASE 03/14/2008
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City of Palo Alto Receives California Utility Award for PaloAltoGreen
Contact : Brian Ward, PaloAltoGreen Program Manager, Utilities Department    650-329-2251
Palo Alto, CA – The PaloAltoGreen renewable energy program has won one of six annual awards presented by the 68 member California Municipal Utilities Association (CMUA) on March 14, 2008. With three different awards available under each category of Small or Large Utility, PaloAltoGreen received the "Community Service/Resource Efficiency" awarded to a small utility. This award category recognizes innovative and comprehensive approaches to serving local community needs in energy resource efficiency. 

While electric utility "green power" program participation levels around the country average 2%, PaloAltoGreen has become the number one renewable energy program in America with a voluntary customer participation rate of 20.2%. The program provides clean, renewable wind and solar power from a California blend of 97.5% wind and 2.5% solar power to residents and businesses in Palo Alto at some of the lowest rates in the nation.

The PaloAltoGreen program is a part of the explosive growth of renewable energy in California, and continues to set the bar for voluntary renewable energy programs. The program offers the following benefits:

Energy diversification —PaloAltoGreen and similar programs help to build America’s long-term sustainable energy infrastructure, reduce dependence on fossil fuels, and further national energy independence.

Farming —Wind farms are located on land primarily used for dry land wheat farming and cattle grazing, promoting efficient dual use of the land.

Jobs — Renewable energy programs stimulate the creation of jobs supporting wind and solar programs through construction and operation of the projects.

Residents and businesses in Palo Alto can be proud of their efforts to improve the environment through PaloAltoGreen. With new citywide climate protection goals to achieve, the Utilities Department has raised its annual PaloAltoGreen customer participation goal to 25%! Anyone not already in the program can sign up by logging on to