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Burglaries on the Rise in Palo Alto
Contact : Sgt. Sandra Brown, Palo Alto Police Department    650-704-2930
Palo Alto, CA--The Palo Alto Police want to inform residents that the number of residential burglaries has begun to increase since the beginning of January. This past week, there were twelve burglaries in Palo Alto. In six of the cases, suspects entered the residents through open or unlocked doors and windows. In one burglary, a tool was used to force entry while the means of entry was unknown for the other five burglaries.

Since the beginning of the year, police officers have investigated 51 residential burglaries and 5 attempted burglaries. Of the burglary cases, 17 occurred on weekends, 12 occurred on Thursdays, and the remaining ones took place on various weekdays. A majority of the burglaries occurred between the hours of 7:00 a.m. and 7:00 p.m. in different areas of Palo Alto. A few burglaries occurred in areas with easy access to Highway 101. The suspects in these crimes have taken common items such as laptop computers, digital cameras, Apple iPods’ and large plasma televisions. In some cases, homes were under construction and tools were taken.  

The Palo Alto Police Department asks the public to continue to call the police when suspicious activity occurs in the community. Notify close neighbors if leaving for extended periods of time. Be effective witnesses and write down license plate numbers and physical descriptions of suspicious persons. And most importantly, contact the police as soon as possible when crimes occur.  

Residents can take steps to protect themselves. Gather important information about personal property and valuables. Take pictures of components and jewelry.  Write down serial numbers on stereo systems, televisions, bicycles, watches, MP3 players and tools. Put this information in a location for easy access as it will aid the police in returning valuables if any suspects are arrested in the possession of stolen property.

The community is encouraged to call the Palo Alto Police tip line at 650-329-2190 with any information concerning burglaries that occur in Palo Alto.

View a map that shows all residential burglaries for the past 3 months that is updated weekly.