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Community Environmental Action Partnership Brings Community Together to Create Solutions
Contact : Wendy Hediger, Sustainability Team, Office of the City Manager    650-496-5912

Palo Alto, CA – You are invited to the inaugural meeting of the Community Environmental Action Partnership (CEAP). The City of Palo Alto and community groups created the CEAP to implement the Climate Protection Plan. The CEAP mission is to bring together segments of the community to share knowledge, build mutual understanding, leverage resources, and to create and implement environmental solutions. The CEAP provides the opportunity to get involved, create positive change and have a voice in the direction taken by your community.


This first meeting of the CEAP will be held on March 5, 2008, from 4 to 6 p.m. in the City of Palo Alto Council Chambers at the Civic Center, 250 Hamilton Avenue, and will address the following:


1.       Provide a general background and purpose of the CEAP

2.       Introduce the CEAP concept and proposed design*

3.       Gain participant approval and commitment to the CEAP design

4.       Choose liaisons for community segments (i.e., nonprofit, schools, business, government, faith, medical, Stanford and neighborhoods)


* The CEAP is a self-organizing partnership which allows participants to determine by consensus the ground rules, objectives and tasks of the group. The participants will be asked to help finalize the CEAP mission, goals and operating plan at this meeting.


The climate protection challenges facing Palo Alto, and the planet, are large, complex and life-changing. The community’s every day actions will be affected, e.g., transportation, energy use and waste. Broad community participation will help the CEAP address the needs and constraints of the community to create effective and appropriate solutions.


Visit to learn more about the CEAP.