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PRESS RELEASE 05/31/2017
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Public Art and Tech Unite for Launch of Interactive Code:ART Festival June 1-3
Contact : Elise DeMarzo, Public Art Program Manager    (650) 617-3517
Palo Alto, CA – Downtown Palo Alto is about to be reframed and transformed with several engaging, interactive new media works of art during the Code:ART festival which begins Thursday, June 1 and runs through Saturday, June 3.

The Code:ART festival includes seven urban interventions that will be on display during the three day event, plus the Murmur Wall that is going up is part of our ongoing rotating public art installations on King Plaza. The purple-hued lattice of LED lights will remain in place outside City Hall's King Plaza until October, displaying search terms that are trending in Palo Alto. The public can contribute to the streams of data anonymously through a web portal that displays in real-time.

Each art installation will animate the public spaces, turning them into an interactive lab for playful experimentation. Think of it as public art and technology "meets the streets", and what better place for it to take place than in Palo Alto where the population grows each day as people commute to work in the innovative business hub in the heart of Silicon Valley.

Besides Murmur Wall, the other interactive installations include Architectural Pavilion (Kyu Kim and Hanna Joo); Caustic Chasm (Danielle Aspitz, Autumn Austin, and Devon Meyers); Feng Shui (Mateo Garcia); Ghost in the Machine (Ben Flatau); Safe and Sound (Tomo Saito); Sensory Garden (Elaine Uang, Sandra Slater and Megan Stevens); and StreeTALK (Patricia McShane and Erik Adigard). Visit: to learn more about each installation. They are all located within a four block downtown area.

Funding for Code:ART was made possible through the Art Works grant by the National Endowment for the Arts and the generous support provided by corporate sponsors including Houzz. Additional support is being provided by Institute for the Future, Palantir, and Verizon.

About the Palo Alto Public Art Program

The City of Palo Alto Public Art Program is committed to contributing to the intellectual, emotional, and creative life of the Palo Alto community by creating engaging art experiences and dynamic public spaces for Palo Alto residents and visitors. The Public Art Commission (PAC) reviews and advises the Public Art Program on selection, placement, and care of public art throughout the City of Palo Alto.