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New Palo Alto Art Center Exhibition Explores the Power of Color
Exhibition Showcases Emotional and Visual Impact of Light and Color in Contemporary Art
Contact : Ken Heiman    6506173511
Victoria Wagner, Woodrock: Radiant Fall Sunset, 2016, oil on redwood burl and treated steel, 24 x 11 x 16 in., courtesy artistMitchell Johnson, Piaggio, 2009-2012, oil on canvas, 78 x 120 in., image courtesy of the artist

PALO ALTO, CAAs part of its 45th anniversary celebration and vibrant service to the Palo Alto community, the Palo Alto Art Center presents Spectral Hues: artists + color, an exhibition featuring the work of more than 20 artists who share an interest in the power of color, and employ strategic choices about the use of color, in their works. The free exhibition runs at the Art Center from January 21–April 9, 2017.

Color can have personal, institutional, formal and intuitive meanings,” says exhibition guest curator Sharon E. Bliss. “Artists use color to reflect feelings, evoke emotional responses, and sometimes dazzle the eye. As well, color pervades the vernacular—we can feel blue, be green with envy, or have a green thumb, for example. The exhibition’s title, ‘Spectral Hues,’ refers to the colors of the rainbow, the different elements of white light refracted through a prism: red, orange, yellow, green, blue, indigo and violet. These optical sources of color present a vital intersection between the studies of optics (science), art and life.”

Many of the artists in Spectral Hues: artists + color are occupied by a busy confluence of colors, while others offer contemplation of a single hue. Some of these works evoke musical scores, while others suggest an abstracted landscape, architectural blueprints, or a prism’s rainbow. All speak to the relationship between light and color.

“This winter, the Palo Alto Art Center galleries will come alive with paintings, sculpture, photography, and installation in a diverse range of colors and hues,” says Art Center Director Karen Kienzle. “Visitors to the exhibition will be awed by the creative and broad approaches to exploring the power of color in contemporary art, and will hopefully be inspired to add more color to their own lives.”

Artists exhibiting in Spectral Hues: artists + color include: Ann Appleby, Leo Bersamina, Omar Chacon, Freddy Chandra, Amy Ellingson, Eden V. Evans, Kristin Farr, Anoka Faruqee, Marguerite Fletcher, Stephen Giannetti, Mike Henderson, Karrie Hovey, Henry Jackson, Mitchell Johnson, Amy Kaufman, Keira Kotler, Richard Mayhew, Ron Nagle, Ruth Pastine, Mel Prest, Ken Price, Meghann Riepenhoff, Tamra Seal, Jenny Sharaf, Lisa Solomon, Victoria Wagner, and Nancy White.

A special Friday Night at the Art Center opening celebration will be held on January 27, 2017, 7-10 p.m., featuring an opportunity to meet some of the exhibiting artists, artmaking activities, food truck fare and drinks for purchase. Visit for more information. 

About The Palo Alto Art Center:
The Palo Alto Art Center is your place to discover art. See, make, and be inspired because everyone is an artist. Created by the community, for the community in 1971, the Palo Alto Art Center provides an accessible and welcoming place to engage with art. We serve approximately 90,000 people every year through a diverse range of programs.

The Palo Alto Art Center is owned and operated by the City of Palo Alto as a program of the Division of Arts and Sciences, Department of Community Services. The Palo Alto Art Center Foundation was founded in 1973 and is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization that provides financial support and advocacy to the Art Center through a public/private partnership that allows us to enhance our reach and impact in the community.

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