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PRESS RELEASE 11-09-2015
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Story/Photo Op: Preparing for El Niño – Sandbag Your Home the Right Way
Contact : Claudia Keith, Chief Communications Officer    650/521-3324
Event:             In anticipation of a very wet winter with heavy rainfall, the City of Palo Alto reminds residents of the importance of being prepared.  The City is holding a Sandbag Day on Sunday, November 15 from 9 a.m. to 2 p.m. where residents can pick up filled sandbags at the City's Municipal Service Center located at 3201 E. Bayshore Road.  It’s not enough just to have filled sandbags ready, but it’s equally  important to know how and where to place them around your home to  prevent water from leaking inside garages, basements or other lower level areas.  Palo Alto Assistant Public Works Director Jon Hospitalier will demonstrate the right way to place sandbags around the perimeter of a home at a residence along the San Francisquito Creek that was previously flooded in 1998.

                        Sandbags are used primarily during heavy rains to protect homes from flooding through water entering in low level garages, basements, etc. If a creek overflows its banks and your personal safety is at risk, have an evacuation plan ready and know where assigned shelters are in your area. Sandbags will not provide an adequate level of protection if creek levels overtop the bank.

Details:            Assistant Public Works Director Jon Hospitalier will demonstrate how and where to place sandbags for the maximum protection possible in low level areas, as well as provide information about a new website that provides advance notice of rising creek levels.      

When:             Tuesday, November 10 , 11 a.m.

Where:            31 Tevis Place, Palo Alto

Visuals:           Demonstration of right way to place filled sandbags, flood protection efforts along San Francisquito Creek, residence previously flooded in 1998.

Storm prep webpage: