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Filled Sandbags To Be Available Throughout Rainy Season
Contact : Claudia Keith, Chief Communications Officer, City Managers Office    650-329-2607
Palo Alto, CA—The City expects to have a steady supply of filled sandbags available throughout the season, and is making them available based on demand. More than 2,000 filled sandbags have already been distributed, and the City has an additional 28,000 filled sandbags on order that will be available on an ongoing basis. Filled sandbags are available at Mitchell Park (600 East Meadow Drive) and Rinconada Tennis Courts (Newell & Hopkins), and the Santa Clara Valley Water District will be maintaining an inventory at the Palo Alto Airport. Residents do not need to bring shovels or other tools to pick up sandbags at these locations. Download the map of sandbag locations.

There is no limit on the number of filled sandbags that can be taken to a single address. There is however, a limit on how many bags per vehicle trip  (10 per passenger vehicle and 20 per commercial vehicle) so as not to overload vehicles and make them unsafe.  

Sandbags are used primarily during heavy rains to protect homes from flooding through water entering in low level garages, basements, etc. If a creek overflows its banks and your personal safety is at risk, have an evacuation plan ready and know where assigned shelters are in your area. Sandbags will not provide an adequate level of protection if creek levels overtop the bank.

In addition, a number of efforts are underway for residents who may need assistance both picking up sandbags and placing them at their homes. The City will hold a Sandbag Day on November 15 from 9 a.m. to 2 p.m. at the Municipal Services Center, 3201 E. Bayshore where volunteers and city staff will be available to help load sandbags into vehicles. The City is also working with additional local service organizations to identify volunteers to assist with filled sandbag delivery. Other options may include Task Rabbit (, LinkAges timebank (650) 934-3556 or Avenidas handyman contract service (650) 289-5426.  As volunteer resources are finalized, information will be posted on the city's website at  

The City and the San Francisquito Joint Powers Authority are planning an informational meeting in November to provide information on how to place sandbags in the correct locations, as well as flood insurance, the new floodwarning website (, and what to do if flooding is anticipated. The date and location will be announced soon.     

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