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PRESS RELEASE 6-9-2015-1
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Free mulch available to help conserve water in Palo Alto
Contact : Dorothy Dale    (650) 496-5953
Mulch will be available at no cost to Palo Alto residents or businesses from 10 a.m. to 2 p.m. on Saturday, July 25, at the Municipal Services Center located at 3201 East Bayshore Road. The Municipal Services Center is a secured, gated facility, so Palo Alto residents and businesses must provide proof of residency with a drivers license or utility bill with their name or business name on it to be admitted.

Palo Altans can bring containers, trailers or use a truck bed to pick up mulch - assistance will be provided to fill or load. Quantities are limited to the supply available, but no individual limits apply for recipients.

California's severe drought requires broad-based action. Actions to conserve water must consider values of the community such as maintaining the health of the vibrant urban forest in Palo Alto, which is why free mulch is being provided.  Mulch which is correctly applied around trees and plants conserves water, helps water soak into the soil, buffers soil temperature changes, suppresses weeds, provides nutrients to the soil and improves habitat for worms and other organisms that live in the soil.