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PRESS RELEASE 12/08/2014
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Free Public WiFi to Launch at King Plaza at Palo Alto City Hall
Contact : Jonathan Reichental, CIO for Information Technology    650-329-2121

Palo Alto, CAThe City of Palo Alto will celebrate the launch of its new public WiFi service with a “virtual” ribbon cutting on Dec. 15 at 5 p.m. at King Plaza, 250 Hamilton Ave. The new service will be free and available to the public.

The City of Palo Alto is committed to providing high-quality, outdoor WiFi as more workers and residents turn to laptops, tablets and smartphones to get their work done. In addition to the City’s focus on migrating its own employees to laptops, an increasing percentage of the workforce uses tablets and smart phones for their work, and to ensure a seamless, connected experience, most City-owned sites were recently upgraded to enterprise-class WiFi. This capability has also been extended to provide connectivity to the many guests who visit the City’s facilities every day as employee and guests simply search for the Palo Alto OverAir WiFi name and connect to it. During the process of completing this project, City staff extended the new WiFi capabilities into King Plaza in front of Palo Alto City Hall. Now, staff and community members will be able to connect anytime from this outdoor area.

The City is also continuing to explore the possibility of extending high-speed WiFi across the City. More information on that work can be found at