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PRESS RELEASE 10/30/2014
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No Worries. Still No Fines.
New Automated Return Machine is Operating at the New Mitchell Park Library
Contact : Eric Howard, Assistant Library Director    (650) 329-2668
Palo Alto, CA -  If you have received automated emails from the Palo Alto City Library informing you that your items are now due—please don't worry.  You will not be charged late fees if you had items due after Sept. 26, 2014 and you return them before Jan. 2, 2015 

The new Mitchell Park Library will open within the next few weeks. In the meantime, please stop by and check out the new automated materials return machine. Items from Palo Alto's five library locations have been processed with an RFID tag. That means that the new machine "reads" the tag, provides you with a receipt after you return it, and then it sends the book on its way to one of the city’s five locations. 

The automated email system offers you a reminder that the materials are due back. But there is really no rush if you are trying to avoid any fees. You have time to visit the new library at your convenience and the automated materials return machine is open 24 hours, 7 days a week. With five library locations and new automated systems, we are working hard to make everyone’s library experience more convenient. 

If you have requested a popular book, there should not be a longer wait than usual. Some people will return books before the due date, the library is leasing more books when the system identifies a higher demand on particular titles, and other requests can be made through LINK+, which allows customers to borrow many more titles from outside the library system.  

The library also provides access to multiple online sources for electronic books, music, movies, and magazines. The library’s rich resources extend well beyond our walls and can be accessed when the library is closed. 

Please join the celebration of the new Mitchell Park Library on Dec. 6th.  For more details, please visit: and  discover the Library’s rich online resources at