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PRESS RELEASE 02/20/2014
Subject :

Buena Vista Mobile Home Park Closure Application Deemed Complete
Independent Hearing Officer to Determine Adequacy of Relocation Benefits
Contact : Aaron Aknin, Assistant Director of Planning    650/329-2679
Claudia Keith, Chief Communications Officer    650/329-2607
Palo Alto, CA — On Nov. 12, 2012, the property owner of the Buena Vista Mobile Home Park property located at 3980 El Camino Real, submitted a mobile home park conversion application to close the park as required by a City ordinance.  The ordinance also requires the owner to submit a Relocation Impact Report (RIR) detailing the terms of relocation of park residents.  Following several rounds of review by City staff to ensure the completion of the RIR, the applicant's submittal has been deemed complete as of February 20.  

The City-appointed hearing officer is now required to hold a hearing within 60 days to  decide whether the mitigation measures offered by the mobile home park owner, including relocation benefits, are adequate to mitigate the adverse impacts to displaced park residents, subject to limitations in the law. The hearing officer acts independently of the City and may also request additional information prior to rendering a decision.  

The City will disseminate information about the date, location, and format of the hearing once the hearing officer provides this information.

The hearing officer’s decision is appealable to the City Council.  Under state law, the Council will not have the ability to reject the property owner’s application and prevent the closure of the mobile home park.  Any appeal of the hearing officer’s decision to the City Council would only cover the adequacy of the proposed mitigation measures.    "The Buena Vista residents are part of the Palo Alto family," according to City Manager James Keene. “Unfortunately, the state law does not allow local agencies to stop the closure of a mobile home park.  As a separate matter, however, Palo Alto can make funding available as an incentive for the preservation or creation of affordable housing in the City. I expect City Council will want to explore this option.  Whether the property owner or the buyers of the Buena Vista Mobile Home Park will see this as an opportunity is a question they will have to answer.” 

The Buena Vista Mobile Home Park is situated on a 4.5 acre site, and includes 104 mobile homes, 12 studio apartments and one single family home.  The property is zoned RM-15 and has a comprehensive plan designation of Multi-Family Residential.  For more information and documents, go to the project webpage here.