Businesses Reopening & City Support

As we work to support our business community transition from a Shelter in Place period to a new normal, work is underway to evolve safely in partnership with our businesses. This page will be updated as new programs and policies are implemented to help businesses during this difficult time.

Reopening Safely

Introducing Uplift Local, supporting outdoor business

Formerly called "Summer Streets," the Uplift Local program provides an opportunity for expanded outdoor dining, retail, and personal service experiences in Palo Alto’s business districts such as Cal Avenue, the Downtown core, and other areas within the community. If you would like to participate, head to the Uplift Local for Business page.

Request Business Signage

The City would like to help you reopen. One way we can do that is by providing you with some signage that reminders to our community about new safety rules and tips. Download your sign of size 8.5x1111x17 and 24x36.

Fill out this form to request a printed sign. We'll deliver it to you as quickly as we can.

Funding Support

Palo Alto Small Business Relief Fund

The City of Palo Alto established the Palo Alto Small Business Relief Fund to collect donations to directly aid our local businesses. This fund is no longer giving out aid. Donations collected were administered by the East Bay Community Foundation, and leveraged the City’s initial contribution of $500,000.

Business Recovery Grant Program

The Small Business Recovery Grant Program is one effort underway to help support small businesses during this challenging time. The grant program seeks to minimize local small business impacts by offering up to $10,000 in one-time grants for for-profit businesses meeting specific criteria. Learn more about the City's Recovery Grant Program.

Network with Others

Business to Business Slack Channel

Join the Palo Alto business to business Slack Channel and network with other businesses.

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Online Business Support Center

Check out our business assistance center for online resources to support your business and employees during this challenging time. Go to

Support Local

Supporting our business community, supports the whole community. Learn more about ways the community can support our local businesses at