New Solar Project Adds 26 MW to Palo Alto’s Energy Portfolio

Published on January 07, 2021

Rosamond Central Solar Last panel install.jpg

A new utility-scale solar project will soon begin delivering clean, renewable energy to Palo Alto. The City of Palo Alto Utilities (CPAU) announced this week that the Rosamond Central solar project in Kern County, California completed construction and reached commercial operation. CPAU has contracted through a power purchase agreement with Clearway Energy Group, in partnership with East Bay Community Energy and Clean Power Alliance, on the 192 megawatt (MW) generation facility.

The Rosamond project will provide CPAU with 26 MW of solar electricity beginning in 2023. Rosamond is the sixth large-scale solar project to come online to supply Palo Alto with renewable energy. Solar energy will now supply 44-45%, close to half, of Palo Alto’s total electric needs each year.

“The City of Palo Alto Utilities has been delivering 100% carbon neutral electricity to our customers since 2013, and we’ve been proud to do so while maintaining highly competitive rates compared to neighboring utilities,” said Dean Batchelor, utilities director. “This new power purchase agreement further enhances our ability to offer clean, renewable energy at an affordable rate, supporting our utility’s mission and citywide sustainability and climate action goals.”

The City’s electricity supply has been 100 percent carbon neutral since 2013 when the City signed long‐term contracts for clean energy resources, including solar, wind, hydroelectric generation and renewable gas from landfills. And yet the City’s utility rates have remained extremely competitive with surrounding areas.

The City has more than 150 MW (AC) of solar commitments throughout California, including Rosamond.

For more about the City of Palo Alto’s solar programs, visit our solar webpage.