The Home Efficiency Genie is Now Virtual

Published on February 18, 2021

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The Genie is your trusted advisor for all efficiency and electrification upgrades and programs.

Are there areas of your home that are less comfortable than others? Do you live in a home that is more than twenty years old? Thinking about upgrading to a high efficiency electric appliance? The Home Efficiency Genie can help!

The Genie Virtual Assessment provides a professional energy and water check-up. Assess your homes readiness to use Palo Alto's clean electricity for EV charging or efficient electric appliances like heat pump space and water heating with our new Home Electrification Readiness Assessment.  

Contact the Genie to learn more!

A Virtual Genie Assessment includes:

  • Professional technician will guide you through your home using a virtual visit phone platform
  • Pointed discussion and exploration will help to uncover areas of energy efficiency improvements
  • Comfort concerns, windows, lighting, appliances, and many other items will be checked
  • If applicable, an assessment of the electric panel and desired electrification upgrades will be completed to determine the best path forward
  • Comprehensive report outlining and highlighting efficiency and comfort concerns will be given once the assessment has been completed

Visit the City's Home Efficiency Genie webpages to learn more about what is involved with a Genie assessment and to hear testimonials from other participating residents. 

Please call (650) 713-3411 or email to schedule your home assessment. 


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