Wireless Project 20PLN-00293

Published on November 18, 2021

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Application #: 20PLN-00293

Request for Tier 1 Wireless Application for T-Mobile to remove (3) TRX radios and replace (3) new antennas. Remove (12) existing RUS01 Radios at equipment. Install (6) new radios. Remove (1) existing equipment cabinet and Install (2) new equipment cabinets within the existing lease space. Environmental Assessment: Pending. Zoning District: ROLM (E)(D)(AD)(Research Office & Limited Manufacturing)(Site and Design)(Automotive Dealership). For more information contact the Project Planner Garrett Sauls at Garrett.Sauls@cityofpaloalto.org

Project Plans

Cycle 2 Plans(PDF, 5MB)

Project Planner

Garrett Sauls


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