Wireless Project 17PLN-00433

Published on April 22, 2021

Application #: 17PLN-00433

Decisions Effective, WCF Permit Entitlement Expiration - February 3, 2020.

On February 4, 2019, the City Council upheld the Director's decisions contained in the January 4, 2019 decisions letter described below. 

On January 4, 2019, the Director of Planning and Community Environment (Director) conditionally approved five (5) Wireless Communication Facility (WCF) nodes and denied two (2) WCF nodes referenced under file 17PLN-00433 (University South). The conditions for approval include a requirement that the antenna, cabling, and radio equipment will not be visible and shall be concealed and screened within a custom green painted, cylindrical shroud that is mounted on top of the replacement streetlight pole.

The decisions to deny the two (2) WCF nodes are exempt from the California Environmental Quality Act (CEQA) per Public Resources Code Section 21080.b(5) and the decisions to conditionally approve five (5) WCF small cell nodes are Categorically Exempt under CEQA Class 3, Guidelines Section 15303.

DENIED WCF NODE LOCATIONS: Tier 3 WCF nodes were denied for one (1) streetlight and one (1) new pole structure in the public right of way:

Node 26, CPAU Streetlight # 32 (adjacent to 345 Forest Avenue)
Node 28m1, New Pole Structure (adjacent to 905 Waverley Street (formerly 400 Channing Avenue)).

CONDITIONALLY APPROVED WCF NODE LOCATIONS: Tier 3 WCF nodes were conditionally approved for five (5) streetlights in the public right of way:

Node 25, CPAU Streetlight #23 (adjacent to 275 Forest Avenue)
Node 27, CPAU Streetlight # 82 (adjacent to 248 Homer Avenue)
Node 29, CPAU Streetlight # 76 (adjacent to 385 Homer Avenue)
Node 30, CPAU Streetlight # 86 (adjacent to 845 Ramona Street (West corner of Channing Avenue and Bryant Street))
Node 31, CPAU Streetlight # 16 (adjacent to 190 Channing Avenue).

Project Description

Crown Castle “Cluster 2”  is a request for seven ‘small cell nodes’ for Verizon’s use via a Tier 3 Wireless Communication Facilities (WCF) application by Crown Castle to install six replacement streetlights and one new streetlight and adjacent faux mailbox equipment storage units in the University South neighborhood next to the following properties:

  • Public Facilities Zone: 275 Forest Avenue

  • Commercial Downtown CD-C (P) Zone: 345 Forest

  • Residential Transition (SOFA) RT-35 Zone: 248 Homer Avenue and 190 Channing Avenue

  • DHS (SOFA) Zone: 385 Homer Avenue, 905 Waverley Street (formerly addressed 400 Channing), and 845 Ramona Street 

For further background information, please refer to the City’s website (search under the project file number 17PLN-00433).


Project Documents

Approval Letter
WCF Permit Entitlement Expiration Response, dated January 31, 2020
City Council Record of Land Use Action 2019-2
Appeal 19-AP-01 - All Nodes 011719 Crown Castle
Appeal 19-AP-02 - 5 Nodes 011819 United Neighbors 
Decisions Letter, dated January 4, 2019
Cluster 2 Resubmittal Plans 11-19-18 Part 1 of 2
Cluster 2 Resubmittal Plans 11-19-18 Part 2 of 2
Project Plans


Public Correspondence

Correspondence 9-11-17
Correspondence 2-5-18
Correspondence 4-23-18
Correspondence 7-11-18
Correspondence 10-26-18
Correspondence 11-28-18
Correspondence 12-06-18
Correspondence 01-04-19
Correspondence 01-16-19
Correspondence 01-30-19
Correspondence 02-04-19
Correspondence 02-13-19

Project Planner

Rebecca Atkinson
(650) 329-2596

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