Wireless Project 17PLN-00398 Preliminary Architectural Review

Published on April 21, 2021

Application #: 17PLN-00398

Request by Sure Site, on behalf of AT&T, for a Preliminary Architectural Review of location/siting criteria, design criteria, and configuration design options for the deployment of 17 small cell wireless communication equipment facilities on utility poles and streetlights in the public right of way. The project plans provide information on proposed equipment configurations. 17 small cell node locations are proposed for use by AT&T in the in Downtown North and University South neighborhoods, and adjacent to Monroe Park, Green Acres, and Town & Country. For further background information, please refer to the City’s website (aca.accela.com/paloalto/ Search under the project file number 17PLN 00398) and the 2012 Master License Agreement with AT&T. Environmental Assessment: Not a Project. Formal Application will be Subject to CEQA Review. Zoning District: Varies.

Preliminary node locations are listed below:

Node 05 (adjacent to 695 Arastradero Rd)
Node 13 (adjacent to 4345 El Camino Real)
Node 24 (adjacent to 135 University Ave)
Node 25 (adjacent to 200 University Ave)
Node 26 (adjacent to 250 University Ave)
Node 27 (adjacent to 300 University Ave)
Node 28 (adjacent to 431 Florence St)
Node 29 (adjacent to 383 University Ave)
Node 30 (adjacent to 552 Emerson St)
Node 31 (adjacent to 550 High St)
Node 32 (adjacent to 131 Lytton Ave)
Node 33 (adjacent to 251 Lytton Ave)
Node 34 (adjacent to 203 Forest Ave)
Node 35 (adjacent to 301 High St)
Node 36 (adjacent to 325 Hamilton Ave)
Node 37 (adjacent to 500 Alma St)
Node 38 (adjacent to 75 Encina Ave)

Project Documents

AT&T Preliminary Project Description
AT&T Preliminary Project Plans 
Preliminary Noise Study for Streetlight Pole Locations with Radios 2203 
Preliminary Noise Study for Wood Utility Pole Locations with Radio RR-32 
Preliminary FCC Compliance Report (Node 28 Streetlight Example)
Preliminary FCC Compliance Report (Node 38 Wood Utility Pole Example)

Public Correspondence

Correspondence 2017 to 021319 on 17PLN-00398

Project Planner

Rebecca Atkinson
(650) 329-2596

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