Wireless Project 17PLN-00228

Published on April 22, 2021

Application #: 17PLN-00228

Request by Mary Diesch of Vinculums, on behalf of GTE Mobilnet dba Verizon Wireless, for a Tier 3 Wireless Communication Facility Permit Application for the deployment of small cell wireless communication equipment on utility poles in the public right of way. The project plans provide information on equipment configurations. This application proposes 12 small cell node locations within the Old Palo Alto and Triple El neighborhoods. These node locations are identified as Cluster 3 within the overall proposed deployment of 93 small cell node locations throughout the City. For further background information, please refer to the City’s website (search under the project file number 17PLN-00228) and the 2016 Master License Agreement process

Project Description

Project Description
Project Location Map
Project Plans
Node Information 

Project Planner

Garrett Sauls
(650) 329-2471

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