Wireless Project 17PLN-00033 Preliminary Architectural Review

Published on April 21, 2021

Application #: 17PLN-00033

Request by Mary Diesch of Vinculums, on behalf of GTE Mobilnet dba Verizon Wireless, for Preliminary Architectural Review of location/siting criteria, configuration design criteria, and configuration design options for the deployment of small cell wireless communication equipment on utility poles in the public right-of-way. The proposed 18 small cell node locations in this Preliminary Architectural Review application are considered a cluster of nodes within the proposed overall deployment of 92 small cell locations. The project plans provide information on three equipment configurations for preliminary public and Architectural Review Board consideration and comment. Configurations contain some or all of the following equipment: 1 antenna, 3 radios, 0-1 emergency battery backup cabinet units, 1-2 electrical disconnect boxes, associated conduit, and fiber/power would be provided from above on the pole via an aerial drop.

Formal applications will be filed in the future for Major Architectural Review and Conditional Use Permits for the 92 small cell locations. A formal application will also be filed if the applicant proposes to temporarily install a to-scale, non-live, mock-up of the equipment configuration(s).

For further information, please refer to the application materials below. Please also refer to the City’s website (search under the project file number 17PLN-00033), and the 2016 Master License Agreement process.

Project Documents 


Project Planner

Rebecca Atkinson
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