Wireless Project 21PLN-00323

Published on April 13, 2022

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855 El Camino - 21PLN-00323

Request by AT&T for a Tier2 Wireless Application to allow a Cell Site Modification. Scope of Work Includes the Removal of (3) OMNI Antennas, Removal of (4) Portions (6' wide each) of Existing Mansard Roof/Screen wall and Replace with Proposed FRP Screen Finished to Match Existing. Installation of (1)Proposed 16' wide FRP Screen Wall to Match Existing. The removal of (3) COAX Cables, Installation of (6) Panel Antennas on Rooftop, (4) Equipment H-Frames on the Rooftop, Installation of (3) RRUS 4449 B5/B12 Near Antennas, Installation of (3) RRUS 4478 B14 Near Antennas, Installation of (3) RRUS 4415 B25 near Antennas, Installation of (3) DC6 Boxes near Antennas, Installation of (6) P & (4) Fiber Trunks to Proposed (4) DC6 Boxes, Installation of (1) DC12 Box at Equipment Area. Scope of Work also Includes the Removal of (1) Existing RBS 3106 Outdoor Cabinet, (2) 2308 from Existing Rack, Removal of NEMA Box with Emerson 502 Power Shelf, Removal of (1) RRUS11 B12 from Equipment Area, Installation of Concrete Slab Extension for DC Power Plant & FLX21 Cabinet, Installation of (1) FLX21 Purcell Cabinet at Equipment Area Installation of (1)6601 V2 CHASSIS with (1) XMU in Proposed FLX21 Cabinet, Installation of (1) 6630 BBU in Proposed FLX21 Cabinet, Installation of (1) DC Power Plant with (3) Strings of 185 FT Batteries, Installation of (7) Rectifiers in Proposed DC Power Plant, Installation of Wall & Roof Mounted Cable Trays, Relocate (1) ASR -901 from RBS 3106 Cabinet to Proposed Purcell Cabinet. Zoning: CC Environmental Assessment: Pending . For More information Contact the Project Planner Garrett Sauls at Garrett.Sauls@CityofPaloAlto.org.

Project Plans

Cycle 2 Plans(PDF, 27MB)

Project Planner

Garrett Sauls

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