702 Clara Drive Subdivision

Published on August 04, 2021



702 Clara Drive

Request for Director’s Review of a Preliminary Parcel Map to Facilitate Construction of Three new Two-Story, Detached Multi-Family Residences on a 10,018 Square Foot Parcel. The Parcel Map Would Create Three Condominiums (Home A: 1,670 Square Feet; Home B: 1,679 Square Feet; Home C: 1,611 Square Feet) on a Single Lot.


Project Plans

January 7, 2021 Submittal(PDF, 54MB)

July 8, 2021 Submittal(PDF, 12MB)


Environmental Review Documents

Exempt per CEQA Section 15315 for Minor land divisions.


Public Hearings and Staff Reports

Director's Hearing - 8/19/2021(PDF, 162KB)


Project Planner

Sheldon Ah Sing, AICP


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