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Published on April 12, 2021

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21PLN-00034: Revisions to Approved Parking Facility

Request for Minor ARB review for an updated parking plan (changing from 2 level garage to 1 level garage) with clarifications of the previously requested parking reduction.

Project Plans

1st submittal January 2021(PDF, 917KB)
2nd submittal February 2021(PDF, 4MB)
ARB Plan Set April 2021(PDF, 4MB)
At Places Memo May 5, 2021(PDF, 176KB)
Ad Hoc Plan Set(PDF, 11MB)

TDM Plan & Circulation Memo

Revised TDM April 29,2021(PDF, 5MB)
Circulation Memo(PDF, 1MB) 

Prior Project Approval Documents (18PLN-00096)

Approved Subcommittee Project Plans(PDF, 27MB)
4256 El Camino Real Approval Letter(PDF, 369KB)
Project Website (18PLN-00096)

Environment Documents

The Approved Project [18PLN-00096] had a Draft EIR released for public comment as required by law and a Final EIR associated with final approval of the project was released on June 3, 2020. The modifications requested to the approved project's parking garage were analyzed against the approved EIR and the MMRP to determine that the scope of the modifications is within the scope of the approved EIR analysis and the MMRP.

Link to Prior Approval >>>EIR documents

Public Hearings/Staff Reports

ARB Hearing 5/6/2021 Staff Report(PDF, 8MB)
ARB Ad Hoc Review 6/17/2021 Staff Report

Project Planner

Samuel Gutierrez

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