420 Acacia Avenue

Published on February 02, 2023



420 Acacia Avenue: 23PLN-00058 & 23PLN-0059

Request by Acacia Camino Investors LLC for a Vesting Tentative Map Subdivision and Major Architectural Review to Allow the Construction of an Approximately 353,354 Square Foot (sf) Multi-Family project consisting of 16 two and three-bedroom condominium units in four 2 and 3-story buildings on an approximately 0.8-acre (35,753 sf) property on Acacia Avenue in Palo Alto. The Project would replace a paved, 68-space surface parking lot. The Project includes two Units provided at Below Market Rate and, Accordingly, Requests Concessions and Waivers Pursuant to State Density Bonus Law. A Compliant Senate Bill Pre-Application was Submitted on January 4, 2023; therefore this Project is will be Processed in Accordance with SB 330. Environmental Assessment: Pending. Zoning District: The project site has a split zoning designation of RM-30 (Multiple Family Residential) and R-1 (single-family residential).

420 Acacia Avenue- SB 330 Pre-application: 23PLN-00002

SB 330 Pre Application for a 16-unit Multi-family Residential Townhome Project. The Project will Provide 15% Below Market Rate On-site and Have Requested Concessions and Waivers in Accordance with the State Density Bonus.

Project Plans

Cycle 1 Plans(PDF, 27MB)

Public Hearings and Staff Reports


Project Planner

Claire Raybould

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