1033 Amarillo Avenue

Published on April 08, 2022



1033 Amarillo Ave. (22PLN-00016)

Request for Preliminary Parcel Map with Exceptions to Subdivide a 20,787 square foot R-1 property into two (2) lots, where Lot 1 will be 10,668.50 square feet and Lot 2 will be 10,118.77 square feet. The exception is to allow lots larger than the 9,999 sf maximum. Environmental Assessment: Pending.  Zoning District: R-1 (Single Family Residential).

Project Plans

Revised Plans Submitted April 7, 2022(PDF, 1MB)

Revised Plans Submitted March 23, 2022(PDF, 1MB)

Initial Project Plans Submitted January 18, 2022(PDF, 1MB)

Environmental Review Documents


Public Hearings and Staff Reports

April 27, 2022

Project Planner

Emily Foley
Associate Planner

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