Fire Department Launches Low-Cost Ambulance Subscription Program

Published on April 18, 2022

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The Palo Alto Fire Department launched a new ambulance subscription program—Palo Alto FireMed—for the community to enhance the services provided in Palo Alto and to offer a low-cost alternative to paying for an emergency medical ambulance ride. Subscribing to Palo Alto FireMed gives you and your household the peace of mind that you’re protecting yourself and loved ones while avoiding high ambulance costs.

The Palo Alto FireMed program is a monthly subscription service for residents and businesses in Palo Alto to eliminate out-of-pocket expenses for emergency medical ambulance rides originating in the City. The FireMed subscription, starting at $8 per month, is easily added to your monthly City of Palo Alto Utilities bill.

Residential members, and guests visiting their house, are covered when picked up at the subscriber’s home. Business members: Palo Alto FireMed covers all employees at the business address or those elsewhere within the City of Palo Alto during the course of their work duties. A business membership does not cover customers or other visitors to the business premises.

Palo Alto FireMed not only supports the community, but also the Fire Department. Palo Alto Fire Department is a professional team of dedicated staff who provide high quality fire and emergency medical services to the community, enriching the lives of the Palo Alto community. The Palo Alto FireMed program enhances your local fire department’s fire and emergency medical services, ensuring continued high-quality services for all Palo Altans.

Learn more and sign up for Palo Alto FireMed at