Free Sand Bags Stations and Online Creek Monitor

Published on October 22, 2021

With an atmospheric river expected to arrive in the Bay Area on Sunday, this is a friendly reminder of the online creek monitor and the free sand bag stations that are available in Palo Alto. 

The sand bag stations are located at Rinconada Park (near the tennis courts), Mitchell Park, and the Palo Alto Airport. The material is currently available. Anyone can pick up material, no proof of residency is needed. It is suggested to take no more than 10 bags due to weight; it might impact the way your vehicle maneuvers. Residents are responsible for the bags once they pick them up. View this map for more sandbag locations.

Also, the creek monitor sensors are functioning. However, the City replaced parts early this year at the Waverley station and Chaucer station and water runoff is needed within San Francisquito Creek (SFC) to test the sensors and make sure that they working properly. The City is monitoring the data that appears on Creek Monitor page to make sure the information is accurate; we will respond to any unusual anomalies.

The data from the sensor at West Bayshore and SFC has been known to create spikes. These are often a result of a dry creek bed, strong winds, or heavy vehicles driving on West Bayshore Road. Rest assured, the past flooding risks at this location have been significantly minimized by the downstream project that was completed in 2018. The capacity of SFC at West Bayshore is over 9,000 cubic feet per second, more flow that can get to it and more than a 100-year storm event.

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